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The Land Of Nod Gift Pack


Break up with stress and get to know the calming Land of Nod Gift Pack, containing essential oils designed to leave you feeling relaxed and in a lull.

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Gift Pack Contains:

Bomb-Jamin Button Blaster: Let the sweet vanilla frosting infused waters with lashings of cocoa butter, shea butter and clary sage & cedarwood pure essential oils calm your mood.

Silver Linings Blaster: Struggling to switch off? Pop this dreamy Bath Blaster in your tub, and relax in the milky blue waters. Containing a snoozy lullaby of pure Lavender & Jasmine essential oils, and a fragrance of lavender wrapped in scents of caramel, musk and vanilla.

The Dream Machine Mallow: Problems sleeping? Activate the dream machine and prepare for a good night's rest! Releasing comforting and skin softening butters in its wake, and filled with Geranium and Lavender essential oils, this Mallow will help nourish your skin and send you to the land of nod in no time.

Lavender Creamer: This Bath Creamer is coupled with real Lavender and Geranium essential oils ensuring a peaceful and tranquil bathing experience. Hand rolled in real Lavender petals.

Button Babe Soap: A “wonder” bar made with a soothing recipe of pure Lavender and Geranium oils, to help relax and calm.

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